Open letter essay

When a person needs to address a topic to a single person or group but also is intended for publication. Normally open letters are written to critic or educated the reader on a subject.Open letters are normally an overlooked genre of literature in the modern day but this was not always the case. Open letters have been around for much of human history as a way to criticize and address problems in a group,society, or person.Even in modern day open letters are still written but their publicity compared to something like news is lack luster.In fact just last year(2016) the Scholars for Peace release another open letter, criticizing Turkish government’s military intervention in Kurdistan. Many famous people have wrote open letters, like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Martin Luther King, even the company Google has wrote an open letter.

Wherever,Whenever  a point needs to get across open letters are ideal.They’re able to be delivered by mail,electronically, or just public posted.By their nature of media they can always be about current topic because new letters are always being created.The only real draw back to open letters is that once they’re posted there is no way to undo what has been read. Until recently, It was also difficult to edit a letter.If there was a mistake or a flaw the only way to fix it was catch it before people read the letter.In the end,its a media that is timeless as the wind shifting from topic to topic,each letter addressing a problem of the time.


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