Talking funny Revised

Talking Funny is an HBO TV movie featuring Ricky Gervais, Louis CK, Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld is 40-50 minutes long. These four famous comedians talking about what it’s like being a famous comedian and how their comedy affects each other and themselves. From this casual talk show we see some major ideas that shows why these comedians are successful and what it’s like to be a comedian.

Most comedian fear not getting their message across and coming off as unfunny or offensive.It really comes off clear that without proper understanding of the audience and what their act’s message the bit is doomed. For example the story of the rookie comedy guitarist who flopped telling jokes like “Sitting on a cock cause I’m gay.” What message does a joke like that offer? That gay people are gay? Regardless of message the point is that comedy isn’t just making people laugh, it need meaning to it.

C.K stated “Comedy is taking people to places that they have fear, foreboding, and making them laugh in that place.” By this quote, we can infer that people have foreboding ideas that they prefer not to think of. Good comedy can make people think about these ideas in ways they may never otherwise found on their own.

We see that comedy isn’t just someone talking, its different than that. Comedians often times use facade and say some pretty extreme things to contrast the ideas we see commonly in day to day by turning them to eleven. This is shown when Louis says “I’ve said things on stage that if any person was to take them as statements I would look like the worst person alive, but that’s what makes the bit work.”

In closing, these comedians are famous not just because they think of new and creative humor, but because that creative humor has a meaning behind it that confronts problems that saturate our society that people often won’t face on their own, especially in a positive light. They put time and effort into perfecting their act and looking at what their deeper message is.


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