Unit 1 Portfolio Revised

In the spring of 2017 I created a research blog on WordPress.com for a work portfolio. At the time of writing this unit 1 of my class is almost over and I’ve been asked to Synthesize everything I’ve done in unit 1. The main idea was to teach the role of the comedian in society.A comedian’s role is to use humor to confront problems that saturate society.Topics that other forums of discussion prefer to avoid. Thus, people are able to talk about these problems in a way that educates and is enjoyable, intern reaching a larger public audience.Public pedagogy through comedy is a powerful learning tool,but like a hammer comedy can be used to create or destroy.

In my Talking Funny review, I write about Louis C.K story of a bombing comedian.I pointed out that he lacked a message or purpose in his joke,the exact opposite of C.K ‘s routine.All four comedians( Ricky Gervais, Louis CK, Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld) of the HBO special Talking Funny all update and perfect their acts constantly improving and adapting their message because they understand the destructive effect of humor.

In How Ha-ha Can Lead to Aha! We see scientific evidence proving that humor can improve a student’s ability to recall a subject by 11%. According to the nces.ed.gov the population of the US in college students in the US was 20.5 million students.Turns out each individual person of that 11% loses around 283 thousand dollars on average after taxes across their working career.The total weighed loss for the entire 11% is $248015206714.275.

Who could have thought that comedy in schools was no joke?Sofia McClennen of course.  In my McClennen essay I write about how sadistic comedy and satire affect people’s morals.Sadist humor for example can devalue human life leading to almost sociopath behavior.McClennen defends satire as American culture.But clearly states that humor designed to devalue human suffering is the real threat.McClennen’s use of Henry Giroux’s theory of public pedagogy, which argues that most learning takes place outside the traditional classroom and that public culture is often the primary means through which society acquires knowledge and learns to model social interactions.This means that satire and other forums of comedy that make people think about real world problems have a positive impact on society by educating the people.Humor that disconnects people  inspires people to be deafened to human suffering.That intern leads to hostile learning environments and other social problems that could have been prevented.

Not only do people suffer but so do the resources and productivity that those people supply.  A joke without purpose can only serve to progress . How Ha-ha Can Lead to Aha! States that if a joke is not relevant or jokes are told too often they found that students don’t get that 11% improvement. Amazing how the idea of what a comedian role in society has led to importance of public, economic loss, and the danger of negative comedy on the public.I have to stop somewhere, so I leave with this.Consider the changes in history that were inspired through forums of comedy.


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