Unit 1 Final

The idea of society teaching outside of a conventional classroom is called Public pedagogy.By extension a comedian’s role is to use humor to confront problems that saturate society.Public pedagogy through comedy is a powerful learning tool,but like a hammer comedy can be used to improve or destroy.

So what really is public pedagogy? Henry Giroux’s theory of public pedagogy, which argues that most learning takes place outside the traditional classroom. That public culture is often the primary means through which society acquires knowledge and learns to model social interactions.This means that satire and other forums of comedy that make people think about real world problems have a positive impact on society by educating the people.Humor that disconnects people  inspires people to be deafened to human suffering.That intern leads to hostile learning environments and other social problems that could have been prevented.

If an audience is to learn a joke must have a message Talking Funny is an HBO special of four popular comedians( Ricky Gervais, Louis CK, Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld) talking about their work. Rock’s joke about white porn .vs. black porn resonated with Seinfeld making him draw to the conclusion that black people live in a different world then white people.Just by telling a joke he reevaluated his perception.

Without a message a joke can’t teach anything and will only occupy time.C.K story of a bombing comedian pointed out that he lacked a message or purpose in his joke. His joke of “Siting on a cock cause I’m gay.” offers no substance to think about. Like wise it only perpetuates stereotypes rather than examining them.

In Taking South Park Seriously we read about how its impossible for a group that has been stereotyped to ever full assimilate into a society.The reason being is their will always be that stereotype in the minds of the society and the minority. Comedy that examines these stereotypes in order to change perception about them for the better.Comedy that doesn’t examine the stereotype in question can only maintain the status quo.

McClennen wrote about how sadistic comedy and satire affect people’s morals in Proud To Be An American Satirist.Sadist humor for example can devalue human life leading to almost sociopath behavior.McClennen points to the torture used in Abu Ghraib prison during the war in Iraq.Specifically Sabrina Harman who was a guard at the prison during the time,  who attached electrical wires to a prisoners fingers, toes, and penis because she was “playing with him”. I can’t see how a humor that devalues the human suffering could be a good thing.

In How Ha-ha Can Lead to Aha! We see scientific evidence proving that humor can improve learning in a classroom environment.a students ability to recall information on a  subject rose by 11% when a joke was told every 15 minutes. According to the nces.ed.gov the population of the US in college students in the US was 20.5 million students.If jokes where told in every class for 2 years.I estimated a minimum $282011.7195 gain across each student’s working career.

Not only do people suffer but so do the resources and productivity that those people supply.  A joke without purpose can only serve to waste. In How Ha-ha Can Lead to Aha! States that if a joke is not relevant or jokes are told too often they found that students don’t get that 11% improvement. A comedian role is to critique society in a effort to improve it.It influences the public sector, economic sector, and politics. Consider the changes in history that were inspired through forums of comedy like the American revolution.Comedy is no joke, especially when that joke can change the world!