Research Article Final

The Role of the Comedian in Society is to educate of problems through the use of humor. This has been shown to have a positive response if done correctly. According to this academic study a joke that is topic related can improve people’s ability to recall a subject by 11%. So just by saying something funny and related you can educate 11 out of 100 people statistically speaking. In-fact humor improves more than just test scores according to L. Garner (author of article)

Humor can be an effective tool to make a class more enjoyable, reduce anxiety, and improve the learning setting. Without using any resources, just by occasionally saying something funny can reduce anxiety, improve learning, and make a positive effect on students. In the study, students who listened to a joke about every 15 minutes reported a more relaxed atmosphere and higher grades on retention and understanding. These jokes cost nothing more than speaking.

Consider the cost of not using comedy. If a collage teacher doesn’t use comedy in their lessons, then they’re forfeiting 11% improvement in their class. Just remember for every student who drops out and doesn’t return to college, an average $282011.7195 is lost across their entire working career.

Instead talking about a social problem in satirical ways, we may find that the line between the education field and comedic entertainment may start to haze together. $54996652435.725 Taxes are lost across all students who failed working career. For that kind of Cash flow who’s to say that maybe they won’t put up a few grants for teachers if they take a comedy class.

The best part of humor method to pedagogy is the drier and dull the material being learned is, the greater the humors effectiveness. In the article, they used topic of statistics because it was a “dreaded” course. Researchers theorized that the humor offers a mental break and re-focuses attention. Even if the joke told is lackluster, because its contrasted by such dull material the response is amplified. If humor is food then their ears are watering mouths, minds empty bellies.

This isn’t the first time a new technology or natural phenomenon wasn’t full adopted upon its release. Computers where originally considered unsuitable for control systems, securing data, and most anything that influence life. Now computers are so depended upon we build life support machines, hold entire banks of finance data, direct traffic with them. If you told someone they could make $282011.7195 just by telling some jokes during class, it would sound so good they would think you to be a con-artist.

Believe it or not there are some technicalities to watch out for when preforming this method. It doesn’t work if you throw in jokes more often than 15 minutes apart. The article shows that more humor doesn’t mean more results. They found that if too many jokes where used or if they were unrelated then the improvement is nullified. The effectiveness of the jokes depends on how dull the material is. The joke has to be funny to the students or it won’t have an effect. Choose your jokes carefully.

Humor is already a primary means of public pedagogy. It has already proven its capacity to teach for years. It makes no sense to reject something that can only be an improvement and cost nothing. There is guaranteed loss for not using joke to teach. It is not a question of if humor will be used in teaching the future generations, but rather when will it start?



20.5 million students *.39 dropout rate = 7.995 million students drop out of collage

7.995 million drop outs *.11 =.87945 million students drop out from lack of humor

($49622-$44153) *.87945 million = $4809712050 total average year pay difference of associates compared to some collage experience.

$4809712050* 63 years’ average before retiring = $303011859150 gross loss across whole working career from lack of jokes.

$303011859150 *0.1815 average tax for 50k bracket = $54996652435.725 Taxes on average over a working career lost because of people who dropped out of collage without an associate’s degree because of lack of jokes in education.

$303011859150-$54996652435.725 =$248015206714.275 weighed loss

($248015206714.275 / 1000000)/.87945 =$282011.7195 weighed loss per person after taxes across their entire career on average for not having an associates

This only accounts for public collage it doesn’t account for private and for profit. Using averages you can clearly see from the number that comedy in school is no laughing matter.

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